Size Guide


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Silk Shirts

Size 1

Size one is equal to XS/S or size 34-38. It has a slightly loose fit.

Size 2

Size two is equal to M/L or size 38-42. It has a slightly loose fit.

Silk Jackets

BEIGE Silk Jackets are onesize and will fit size 34-42

How to Care 

Please hand wash or dry clean your BEIGE silk shirt. Never wash above 30 degrees. There might be some excessive colour the first couple of times you wash it, so keep your silk shirt separated from other items. After rinsing gently squeeze excess water and be careful not to twist or pull the fabric. Never spot-treat silk but wash the entire garment for moderate stain removal.

Our silk/wool jackets can only be dry cleaned in order to preserve the colour and material. 

If you have any questions regarding size or care we're always here. Feel free to contact us at